Thursday, November 29, 2018

Pseudobot - More Balanced Random Stat Rolling

This took a really long time to get right, but I have arrived. This is the stats of 20,000 randomly generated characters with 0 points.

  • Average DX - 10.04
  • Average HT - 10.09
  • Average IQ - 10.17
  • Average ST - 10.07
  • Average Basic Move - 4.68 (This seems pretty low for the average 0 point character, but it is actually pretty ok for behind the scenes reasons)
  • Average Basic Speed - 5.03
  • Average FP - 9.98
  • Average HP - 10.26 (Weirdly high, but still ok.)
  • Average Per - 10.02
  • Average Will - 10.04
The goal was to make it hit close to what a 0 point character would be. The tricky part is that there is bounding logic which means that the difference between HP and ST isn't allowed to get too far off track, so, for example, if HP is currently at the minimum relative threshold to ST, more ST can't be added until more HP is added. This causes a complicated chain reaction where slightly nudging the balance one way or the other suddenly makes a different result much more likely. I had some weird problems with average IQ suddenly jumping 1 or 2 whole points - not 10.2, 12 - trying to balance the probability of FP versus HT, HP versus ST, Perception and Will versus IQ, but after holding it up to a very shoddy standard of scrutiny, it looks "good enough for me." I might analyze the math and source code in an upcoming post, maybe someone can point out an obvious flaw.

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