Friday, January 29, 2021

Review: Reign of Steel - Read the Sky

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 Reign of Steel is one of the interesting lines of GURPS settings, which to summarize, is a post-apocalyptic nightmare where each continent has one A.I. that has decided, for whatever reason that humanity must be destroyed. All of these AIs work together with this common theme, but each area is it's own unique Hell on Earth. Read the Sky is a short adventure scenario inside this backdrop, built for 200 point characters from the Will to Live book, or with modifications, characters built from Action 1. All told, the book is 11 pages, with a title page, an intro page, one page of back matter, leaving 8 pages of content, almost 4 of those are devoted to simple, but helpful maps. The main stab of the thing is explained in very straightforward, and mechanically helpful terms, though I feel it's a little skimpy; that's what you get from a roughly four and a half page adventure. Besides the maps, the illustrations are good, but in my opinion, the adventure feels a little mundane to me, and to repeat myself, a little sparse. This might be a good book to buy if you are already a big fan of the Reign of Steel line, otherwise, easily missable.

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