Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Sorcery: Animate Plant

Weird Dance
 Choosing a spell to work out completely at random, it seems like today's spell is animate plant. Animate plant allows a caster to bring a plant to life for some reason. Well, it calls an IQ 9 spirit to inhabit a plant. Let's see how that works.

So first off, when the spell is cast, the plant is mechanically given an IQ of 9, an additional 6 HT, and a move of 4. All together, this could be represented as the following template
Animated Plant Spirit
260 points
Attribute Modifiers: IQ+9 [180]; HT+6 [60]
Secondary Characteristic Modifiers: Basic Move+4 [20]

So this template is very simple, and very expensive. Note that the spell that gives the Animated Plant Spirit Template will be mana sensitive, so that means that this will have a 10% discount when casting, so it will add 2340% to affliction.

The completed spell looks like this:
Animate Plant (+2290%): Affliction(Sorcery -15%; Advantage, Animate Plant Spirit +2340%; Increased 1/2D, 10x, +15%; Fixed Duration, 3 Minutes, +0%; Accessibility, Only on plants with an IQ below 6, -50%) [239]

This spell costs 239 character points and lasts for exactly three minutes.

Other Notes and Closing

We could make this spell cheaper assuming that most plants already have a pretty high health and don't need that high of an IQ when animated. Using a +7 IQ and no extra HT template, we could save 100 points on the cost of the template. This template would instead be a modifier of +1440%, and make the entire spell cost 149 points instead. This is still pretty high, but potentially achievable in a high powered game, where because of the alternate advantage mechanic, someone with Sorcery 15 could buy the spell for 30 points. However, considering how powerful a plant can be, this advantage might be worth every single point. A possessed sequoia, for example, has 278 strength, meaning it could probably defeat a lot of targets in one hit... Or step on them. On the other hand, this spell doesn't necessarily guarantee cooperation, it could be a rude awakening if a character animates a giant willow, and finds that it is a little angry at him or her. Perhaps the GM can do a reaction roll, giving bonuses for appropriate advantages where it comes to dealing with spirits.

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