Saturday, May 21, 2016

CER: Alternate Dungeons II

Giants and stuff.
I liked The Titan's House in the Alternate Dungeons II issue, and I enjoyed the enemy stats. Today's post is a quickie, but if you are like me, and like having encounter CERs ready to go, then this might save some time if you are thinking about porting this to another situation.

Giant Chicken155469
Gromm Wyrmslayer4167108
Baby Skrom01919
Warband Giant422668

Other Thoughts

It almost seems sacrilegious to reuse the characters with names in a different setting. That's ok. I mostly wanted the numbers on the giant chickens and the other generic giants. Numerically speaking, they don't sound that bad, and they are around what I was hoping for, on the other hand, those damage numbers are pretty worrisome. I am trying to teach myself not to hold so much back, but I still have this weird guilt tendency when I have players that put themselves in a terrible and vulnerable place where I don't feel like killing them. Maybe baby steps, instead of killing someone outright, I'll make the strong targets maim the players... if they are given the chance?
On the original adventure, I haven't played it, but I like that it strikes a balance between things that you can kill, things you shouldn't kill, and things that almost certainly will kill you. It is interesting because I have trouble in mixing up difficulty levels in my games. The fights I set up are just so finely balanced with little surprise, it seems a bit routine... unless someone gets a serious fumble or critical hit to shake it up, which then starts a spiral into panic and self preservation to right the situation. Ah well! I'll crack it one day with practice.

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