Thursday, October 6, 2016

Cross-Post: GURPSDay Summary and Reflections

That's some dangerous driving.
You always gotta wear a seatbelt.
I'm not stoopin' to spoopin' for the first week of October.

What Happen? Aiko?

Lessee what's interesting this week. GURB has a post on making beam swords, which is fun and in depth, but far from my typical tech level and genre, still fun. Also enjoy seeing the list of posts he likes over there. The Mook linked a sample spell from Dungeon Fantasy, Powered by GURPS. That makes this link a meta-link. In a similar vein, Dungeon Fantastic picks apart the specifics of another new spell. Hard Maths has some amusing stats for ultra-tech level encounters and equipment. The Collaborative Gamer has posted an Orc Generator, which is fun (but maybe too slow unless you roll ahead of time?) Of Paper Men and Plastic Monsters has CER values for "More Psionic Threats." He asked for an expert to look over the numbers... I'm not an expert, but I might try!

Self Reflection and Other Thoughts

I've had a lot of traffic and a lot of comments this week, which is always encouraging. My most popular post by a wide margin is about supplements in and out of the Dungeon Fantasy series and how to go about choosing expansions to flavor Dungeon Fantasy differently. My opinions on the templates from Dungeon Fantasy 4-19 were also pretty popular. I almost have every issue of Pyramid that includes extra occupations, but I might wait until I get the Pyramid Dungeon Fantasy Collection later this year to do a similar subjective rating of all the pyramid introduced templates.
In real life, nothing very interesting is happening to *me* but stuff is happening to other people. Thinking about vacationing later this month.


  1. I would definitely appreciate you looking at those CERs.

    1. Deadlines at work mean I might get to it today.

  2. Good to see you're traffic is picking up, with all this Dungeon Fantasy stuff it is a good time to be a blogger who delves into this topic. Makes me wish I had more to say on the subject.

    And thanks for another shout out to my blog.


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