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Powers: (Inspired by) Paras

Two mushrooms, one bug.
I'm not sure if Paras and Parasect were good, but I kinda liked them as late bloomers. It felt like if you could get over the awful pairing and the weak start, it kinda bloomed.

Dry Skin

This is a variety of effects that probably makes the most sense as a meta trait. It includes the following:
  • Damage Resistance 1(Absorption, Only Healing, +80%; Limited, Water Only, -40%)[6/level]
  • Vulnerability (Fire, x1.5)[-20]
    • I extrapolated a slightly lower value of this assuming halfway to double might be 50%.
  • Weakness(Sunlight, Very Common, 1d per 30 minutes)[-15]
  • Regeneration(Fast; Environmental, During Rain, -30%)[35]
    • I extrapolate this as slightly less common than occasional, but less than rare, so I put it in between.
The last three cancel each other out, the only thing is the water absorption.  Probably 5 levels are the minimum to be useful, and 10 is the outright maximum.

Effect Spore

This is an affliction aura for a character. In Pokemon, this causes paralysis, poison, or sleep. These might be represented as:
  • Affliction 1 (HT; Aura, +80%, Incapacitation, Paralysis, +150%)[33]
  • Affliction 1 (HT; Aura, +80%, Incapacitation, Sleep, +150%)[33]
  • Toxic Attack 1HP(Aura, +80%; Cyclic, 10 cycles, 1 second, +900%)[11]
So, the whole ability is at least 77 points.


Hmm... this is a difficult ability to stat... it makes it so that abilities that cause an explosion but cause the user to faint don't work. I think this is an affliction aura that disables self sacrifice abilities in the presence of the user.
  • Affliction 1 (Will; Area Effect, 8 yards, +150%; Cosmic, Affects any Qualifying Innate Attack, +50%; Malediction 1, +100%; Negated Advantage, -50 CP worth of Innate Attacks That cost HP or have an incapacitating backlash, +50%; Reflexive, +40%)[49]
This automatically requires an opponent in range who uses a sacrificial move to have a will quick contest. If they fail and they spent less than 50 points on the ability, then the ability is disabled for MoF minutes. This is reflexive, so it fires off immediately against anyone within 8 yards of the user who intends to hurt the user through an innate attack that requires self sacrifice.
The power can be made more effective and cancel out 10 points of innate attack for each extra 1 point spent on the ability.

Fury Cutter

An unarmed attack that gets stronger if used consecutively, successfully, and as the only attack maneuver. I'd stat it like a meta-trait of:
  • Striking ST 1 (Accessibility, Last Attack, Move and Attack, All-Out Attack, etc. Was a successful use of Claws (or more appropriate unarmed ability), -10% One Attack, Claws (Or more appropriate unarmed ability), -60%)[2] (1.5 for leveling purposes)
  • Striking ST 1 (Accessibility, Last two Attacks, Move and Attacks, All-Out Attacks, etc. were a successful use of Claws (or more appropriate unarmed ability), -15% One Attack, Claws (Or more appropriate unarmed ability), -60%)[2] (1.25 for leveling purposes)
  • Striking ST 1 (Accessibility, Last three Attacks, Move and Attacks, All-Out Attacks, etc. were a successful use of Claws (or more appropriate unarmed ability), -20% One Attack, Claws (Or more appropriate unarmed ability), -60%)[1] 
So, after three consecutive attacks, you reach a maximum bonus of Striking ST+3 for 3.75 points... This bonus actually gets really high in Pokemon, so 15 points for Striking ST+4, +8, and finally +12 feels fair. It's not raw, but this trait is also cheaper if you think of it as 3.75 per level, rounding up to 4.


It's really Sleep Powder by another name almost. Just use that. If you want to be creative, make this an Emanation area effect instead of a cone instead.


Keywords: Area (fixed)Obvious

Full Cost: 51 points
Casting Roll: None
Range: 8 yards
Duration: 3 minutes of sleep
An 8 yard radius cloud of spores poofs out from the caster. anyone caught in the cloud (unless sealed) rolls HT, or falls asleep for 3 minutes.
Statistics: Affliction (HT; Area Effect, 8 Yards, +150%; Contact Agent, +150%; Emanation, -20%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; Incapacitation, Sleep, +150%; Sorcery, -15%) [52]


Cures all afflictions in your party. My version is an Area Effect emanation affliction that afflicts everyone in the area with compulsory Heal advantage that forces healing of afflictions on self. The advantage it afflicts is like
Healing (Affects Self, +50%; Afflictions Only, -40%, Capped, 2 FP, -25%; Cosmic, No Die Roll Required, +100%; Magical, -10%; Reduced Fatigue, 2 FP, +40%)[65]
This version heals 100% worth of enhancements from afflictions on whoever is caught in it. The cost schedule for higher levels is a bit difficult, so for your pleasure, here's the first few levels costed out.

  • Level 1, 215%, 64.5 character points, heals 100% worth of afflictions.
  • Level 2, 260%, 78 character points, heals 200% worth of afflictions.
  • Level 3, 305%, 91.5 character points, heals 300% worth of afflictions.
  • Level 4, 350% ,105 character points, heals 400% worth of afflictions.
  • Level 5, 395%, 118.5 character points, heals 500% worth of afflictions.
  • Additional levels, +20%, +6 character points, heals +50% worth of afflictions.
So, as an enhancement to the actual affliction, multiply the character points by 10, and read it as percent, eg, Level 1 is 64.5 points, so is a +645% enhancement to an affliction.


Keywords: Area (fixed), Leveled, Obvious

Full Cost: 90 points/level 1. Read notes for leveling instructions.
Casting Roll: None
Range: 8 yards
Duration: Instant
An 8 yard radius cloud of pleasant smells removes any worrisome afflictions from friends in the 8 yards surrounding the caster. This only works on anyone the caster chooses in range. Level 1 heals 100% worth of affliction enhancements on all allies in range, higher levels heal more.
Statistics: Affliction (HT; Advantage, Aromatherapy Affliction Level 1, +645%; Area Effect, 8 Yards, +150%; Selective Area, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [90]
Notes: 90 points pays for level 1. Read the bulleted list before the entry for higher levels. Subtract 64.5 points (the cost for level 1) and add the cost of the desired level to 25.5 points, rounding point cost up.

Rage Powder

This makes all enemies attack the user. My version again uses an area effect emanation that gives bad temper to all caught in the range. Check out Mean Look for more ideas.

Rage Powder

Keywords: Obvious

Full Cost: 41 points.
Casting Roll: None.
Range: 8 yards
Duration: 3 minutes
The "caster" releases a spore cloud around herself 8 yards in radius. Every enemy combatant in this range rolls HT or gains bad temper and directs all offensive effort towards the caster. The area is selective, so it may be used on one, some, or all antagonists in range, and of course, allies can be excluded. This effect lasts for 3 minutes.
Statistics: Affliction 1 (HT; Area Effect, 8 Yards, +150%; Contact Agent, +150%; Disadvantage, Mean Look Debuff, +22%; Emanation, -20%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; Selective Area, +20%; Sorcery, -15%) [41]


A strong unarmed attack with no extra benefits. Consider this justification for buying cutting claws and Striking ST 4 (Claws Only, -60%)[8].

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

Lots of interesting abilities. More ailments, passive abilities, and healing abilities. I like the Aromatherapy and Rage Powder abilities, myself. Oh well. Another day, another handful of abilities.

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