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Powers: (Inspired By) Psyduck

PS as in PlatypuS.
YDuck as in "Why, duck?"
That one that is yellow and has a sublime beak.

Cloud Nine

This ability changes the weather to "normal," which in Pokemon means no precipitation, no breeze, and pleasant sunlight. Take a look at the Weather Dome Spell in Sorcery - Protection and Warning Spells, p.14.

Swift Swim

This "doubles" a user's speed when it is raining. In GURPS, this might be:
Enhanced Move (Ground) 1 (Environmental, Only in the rain, -20%)[16]
This also might come with the ability to move well in the rain.
Terrain Adaption (Water Slick Surfaces)[5]

Water Sport

This weakens all fire abilities in the area by 50%. I am going to use a slight hack here and instead of saying this afflicts "Negated Advantage (Power Talent)" I'm going to say it afflicts an Anti-Power Talent. Power-Ups speaks to anti-talents, but not specifically in the sense of power talents. Using the one college modifier, this comes out to be.
Anti Sorcery Talent 1(Fire College Only)[-5]
 This gives a -1 to all uses of Sorcery for fire spells. I like this better because it works almost like negated advantage, except it can go above and beyond reducing a net bonus to 0, and can go into net penalties. 50% to me, I'm just gonna take a swing and call that a -4 penalty, or 4 levels of Anti-power talent.
A different alternative is basing the ability around Mana Damper (Fire College only) and it seems neither significantly more or less expensive.

Water Sport

Keywords: Area(Leveled), Obvious

Full Cost: 24 points for level 1. 5 points/level thereafter.
Casting Roll: None.
Range: 2 yard radius, doubles per level.
Duration: 3 minutes
The "caster" tinges the area with mana that weakens fire magic considerably. Everyone within range of the caster must roll a quick contest of Will or suffer -4 penalties to any fire college sorcery cast in the next three minutes.
Statistics: Affliction 1(Will; Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Disadvantage, Anti-Fire Sorcery 4, +20%; Emanation, -20%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; Malediction 1, +100%; Sorcery, -15%)[24]

Water Pulse

This is Psybeam, but as a feature, the attack is water college and not "psychic."

Aqua Tail

This is a very strong striker. The flavor text says 
The user attacks by swinging its tail as if it were a vicious wave in a raging storm.
So, I'll stat it out as a striker with a high rate of fire to simulate rapid movement.

Crushing Striker (Tail; Limited Arc, Behind, -40%; Long, Reach C,1, +100%; Rapid Fire, 3, +50%; Swing Only, +20%;)[12]
 You can attack in the area behind you, and can hit up to three times with a rapid swishing motion. The swing only modifier comes from the article Natural Weapons in Pyramid #3/65. Damage is calculated the same, but substitute swing damage for thrusting damage wherever it is called for.


This is a weird ability, it temporarily changes the type of the target to water. In GURPS, this is an application of shapeshifting then. This is afflicting someone with an alternate form, which also removes their original form. Referencing this post, which the information may or may not be correct, Water is about 8 points more expensive than the cheapest type, so the advantage we will afflict:
Alternate Form (Water Type; Magical, -10%)[21]
 Altogether then, the ability looks like this:


Keywords: LeveledMissile, Obvious

Full Cost: 44.5 points/level.
Casting Roll: Use Innate Attack to aim.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: 3 minutes
The "caster" transforms the type affinity property of the target so they are more closely attuned to water. If the target fails a quick contest, they are water attuned for 3 minutes.
Statistics: Affliction 1(Will; Advantage, Alternate Form (Water Type), +210%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; Malediction 2, +150%; Sorcery, -15%)[45]

Psych Up

Oh boy, this is weird again! This one copies afflictions from a target and puts them on the user. My version uses modular abilities to force you to copy all the properties afflicted on another character.
The Modular Ability advantage is statted up as:
Modular Abilities(Anything, 7 points a slot; Fast, 3 Points per point; All-or-Nothing, -10%; Cosmic, All Afflictions on a character count as a single copyable meta-trait, +50%; Trait Limited, Advantages, Disadvantages, Afflictions only, -10%; Social, +50%; Physical, +100%; Uncontrollable Trigger, The presence of an afflicted individual, -15%)
This comes out to 18.55 for the slot, and  7.95 per point... Level 1 is 26.5 points... and level 11 is 106 points, the first level that divides evenly. Each level allows a character point copied. Negative status copied counts as -1 character points per +5% as an enhancement to Affliction, as if they were disadvantages. Copying disadvantages makes copying other abilities more easy.
A note, Neutralize with power theft is probably a way better way to get abilities from someone, but it steals the powers they have instead of copying their buffs and debuffs.

Psych Up

Keywords: Leveled

Full Cost: 52 points for level 1. 7.95 points/level thereafter.
Casting Roll: Use Innate Attack to aim.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: 3 minutes
The "caster" makes the target take on all the afflictions of the nearest afflicted character for 3 minutes. This is resistable with a quick contest of wills. Each level allows the copying of 1 point.
Statistics: Affliction 1(Will; Advantage, Psych Up Modular Abilities (1), +265%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; Malediction 2, +150%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, -15%)[52]
Notes: each level adds +7.95% to the Modular abilities enhancement, allowing an additional point to be configured.


This boosts "special defense" "sharply." I've decided that this means Defense oriented will. Which is:
Will (Only when defending in malediction quick contests, -40%, Magical, -10%)[3]
This is a cumulative buff that makes one strong against malediction attacks.


Keywords: BuffLeveled

Full Cost: 71 points for level 1. 5 points/level thereafter.
Casting Roll: Use Innate Attack to aim.
Range: 100 yards.
Duration: 3 minutes
The "caster" gives the target +2 will for the sake of resisting malediction quick contests that fight against will. This is cumulative. The buff lasts for 3 minutes. Each additional level grants a further +2 per casting.
Statistics: Affliction 1(Will; Advantage, Defensive Magical Will+2, +50%; Cumulative, +400%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; Malediction 2, +150%; No Signature, +20%; Sorcery, -15%)[71]

Wonder Room

And... another thing that does something really weird. This switches "special defense" and "defense" for everyone in the area. I think I'm going to go with
Attribute Substitution (Cosmic, For all Purposes, Substituting things that aren't normally exchangeable, +600%; DR For Will)[7]
Damage Resistance +10[50]
Attribute Substitution (Cosmic, For all Purposes, Substituting things that aren't normally exchangeable, +600%; Will For DR)[7]
Will -10 [-50]
Adding a -10% to all of these... that's 7, 45, 7, and -45 respectively. As an affliction that's 70% + 450% + 70% +45% =  +635%. I didn't want to group them altogether as a meta-trait because that would make it cheap with the DR bonus and Will Penalty cancelling each other out. I decided they need a 10 penalty/bonus respectively because DR kinda "starts" from 0 and Will kinda "starts" from 10, so this would make someone's Will temporarily DR+10, and their DR would temporarily be Will-10.

Wonder Room

Keywords: Area(Leveled), Obvious

Full Cost: 85 points for level 1. 5 points/level thereafter.
Casting Roll: None.
Range: 2 yard radius, doubles per level.
Duration: 3 minutes
The "caster" changes the laws of the area exchanging mental defenses for physical defenses. Everyone within range of the caster rolls a quick contest of wills. Those that fail now have DR equal to Will-10, and Will equal to DR+10 for the next 3 minutes.
Statistics: Affliction 1(Will; Area Effect, 2 yards, +50%; Advantage, Wonder Room Advantages, +590%; Disadvantage, Wonder Room Disadvantages, +45%; Emanation, -20%; Fixed Duration, 3 minutes, +0%; Malediction 1, +100%; Sorcery, -15%)[85]

Other Thoughts and Conclusion

Psych Up is grossly inefficient. Using Neutralize is probably a lot cheaper. Water Sport could use Mana Damper instead, and the price wouldn't change much... I think it may be a teeny bit cheaper, and last one minute instead of 3, but I don't think it's resistable either. Cloud Nine was weird, but I found out, apparently, you don't need the Natural Phenomena modifier for weather. It seems that just creates a huge area of effect instead.

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